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Solomon's Castle

Howard Solomon is soft-spoken man -- a sculptor with muscular arms and an unfinished high school education. "I hated school. My teachers told my parents I was borderline ...

Jackie Gleason's Mausoleum

Jackie Gleason -- a.k.a. Ralph Kramden from The Honeymooners -- retired to the southeast coast of Florida in the 1960s because he wanted to play golf every day.

Liberty Bell Memorial Museum

This small, local museum merits attention for two reasons: It has an exact, un-cracked replica of The Liberty Bell, and it occupies the city of Melbourne's old concrete water tank. The Bell - purchased by ...

Forgotten Citrus Center Monument

This 15-foot-tall concrete obelisk is perhaps not as forgotten as it was in 1991, when we last visited.

Spook Hill

Gravity Hills -- where cars inexplicably defy the laws of science -- lurk in every region across the America. Their locations are passed on by word-of-mouth, and they're frequented by cruising teenagers or ...

Second Largest Gator Ever Built

For many years, Kissimmee's giant gator, in the parking lot next to the Gator Motel, reigned as the World's Largest. Its 126 feet of reptilian eyecandy yanked family vanloads out of the tourist trap river ...

Monument of States

Years ago, on a Florida trip, we made a point of wandering south off of the main drag that sucked all toward the Disney maw.

Theater of the Sea

Theater of the Sea, halfway down the Florida Keys in Islamorada, is a comfortable, well-kept place to see dolphins and sea lions. The feel is relaxed and intimate.

Monkey Island

Five spider monkeys are the current inhabitants of Monkey Island, a tiny chunk of land sitting in the Homosassa River.

Barefoot Mailman Statue

Eleven barefoot mailmen carried mail along the beaches between Palm Beach and Miami in the late 1800s. One of them, James "Ed" Hamilton, disappeared in 1887 near Hillsboro ...
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