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Florida Citrus Tower

Standing as a central Florida landmark since 1956, the Citrus Tower is a fondly-regarded Sunshine State icon, but it's no longer a singular sentinel among low-slung ...

Everglades Wonder Gardens

The "gardens" aspect of this attraction gave way long ago to the better-looking-on-a-billboard lure of exotic wildlife, creating what has become one of Florida's most durable family-owned roadside ...

Gators! Pt. 4: Alligator Wrestling

The Seminole and Miccosukee Indians have been wrestling gators in Florida since before there were tourist attractions or federally-funded roads.

The Old Jail

This place has received a makeover since we last visited. The exercise yard and stockade are gone, as are nearly all of the broken-down, striped-suit-wearing, black-faced dummies that used to populate ...

Skunk Ape Research Headquarters

You may be surprised to learn that the most likely place to see an American bigfoot, outside of the Pacific Northwest, is in the Florida Everglades.

Big Daddy Don Garlits Museum Of Drag Racing

Sure, we like looking at cars -- when they're in places where they shouldn't be, or when they've been turned into something other than cars.

Coral Castle

Coral Castle doesn't look much like a castle, but that hasn't discouraged generations of tourists from wanting to see it.

Monkey Jungle

It is hard to have a bad day at Monkey Jungle. In the gift shop, kids squeal "Monkeys!!!" in anticipation, unable to contain their delight. ...

United States Astronaut Hall of Fame

This shrine to America's space heroes opened in 1990. It used to be down the coast, in Melbourne, run by a corporation -- until its owners went into foreclosure with millions of dollars in unpaid ...

Burt Reynolds and Friends Museum

It's hard to believe that Burt Reynolds has been a star for so long. As made clear at The Burt Reynolds and Friends Museum in Jupiter, he was a bridge between the stars of yester-yesteryear, like Bette Davis ...
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