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Japanese Restaurants in Tampa, Florida

1. Sushi Tsu - Located at 15353 Amberly Drive, Sushi Tsu is one of the finest Japanese steak and seafood restaurants that Tampa has to offer. The atmosphere is magnificent, and the food is 100% authentic. However, the prices are expensive. This is the type of place where you can spend $150.00 per couple for dinner. The food and atmosphere creates an unforgettable night, which makes Sushi Tsu the perfect place for a romantic diner. They are open 7 days a week, and ask that you call ahead for reservations. 813-910-9404

2. Arigato
- Opening in 1971 Arigato's has been creating delicious Japanese dishes for years. Arigato has several locations including Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Pete Florida. You are sure to be fascinated by the creatively skilled of the Japanese chef that prepares your meal right before your very eyes. The atmosphere is relaxing, and entertaining at the same time. The food at Arigato's is remarkable. Although the prices are on the expensive side, the food is well worth it. For more information you can visit Arigato's at www.dinearigato.com

3. Kado - Kado Japanese steak house and sushi bar is perhaps the perfect family Japanese restaurant. Kado has two locations in Tampa Florida to choose from, 6821 W. Hillsborough Ave. and 19050 Bruce B. Downs Blvd. The atmosphere is casual, but elegant at the same time. The food is reasonably priced for the quality and quantity you'll receive. Overall Kado offers great values, and a wonderful dinning experience.

4. Bonsai Sushi & Japanese - Located at 2826 Bearss Ave in East Tampa, Bonsai is an overall casual restaurant. The atmosphere is peaceful, and the restaurant is clean. Unfortunately, that's all that I can say is good about Bonsai Sushi & Japanese. The food is alright, but far from remarkable, and the prices are outrageous for the quantity you receive. Bonsai is decent place to have a romantic lunch, without the worry of sitting elbow to elbow with strangers. If the prices where lower, I'm certain Bonsai would make a good family restaurant.

5. Tokyo
- This Japanese restaurant and sushi bar is one you won't soon forget, and not in a good way. Tokyo is located at 5711 East Fowler Ave in Tampa Florida. I have only ate at this restaurant twice but, both times I got sick shortly afterward. The atmosphere is no more then any other run of the mill restaurant. The food is reasonable, and the quality is good. However, the food taste like something you might cook at home if you had no knowledge of Japanese dishes. The food is overcooked, and over seasoned.

6. Yoko's
- Yoko's is located at 3217 MacDill Ave in Tampa Florida. The atmosphere is perfect for casual family dinning. Yoko's is very clean, and the staff is extremely friendly. The food at Yoko's is good, and the prices are a perfect match to the quality, and quality. Yoko's might not be the elegant Japanese dinning experience for an anniversary dinner, but for an everyday restaurant it's ideal.

Tampa Florida has many restaurants to choose from including a large amount of Japanese restaurants. Once you've tasted good Japanese food, your expectations of Japanese dishes will always be high. Please feel free to add your Japanese dinning experiences in Tampa Florida in the comment section.
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