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The Perfect Souvenirs To Bring Back From Florida

Who wouldn't love a souvenir from Florida? Unless, of course, you're a resident of that state. Anyone else would probably enjoy a gift from the southeast. Here are a few suggestions on what friends and family members might enjoy:

For Kids: How about a stuffed Flamingo for a little girl? They're pink, fuzzy, warm and cute. Make sure you get one that says "Florida", otherwise you simply have a pink flamingo. For a boy a green "Florida" stuffed alligator or multi-colored stuffed fish. Stuffed dolphins, crabs and sharks are also favorites for kids. A new baby will get hours of enjoyment from a mobile holding stuffed dolphins and fish. For youngsters you can't go wrong with candy that has a "Florida" wrapper. After eating the delicious chocolates they can save the wrapper as a souvenir. Many kids would light up if they see you walking in with a real crab in a cage - just for them. Some wouldn't appreciate it, so know the child well before choosing this gift.

For A Guy:
If he's a sports nut he'll be pleased to have anything with "Florida Dolphins" or "Florida Marlins" labels. Caps, mugs, key rings, tee shirts or even a tiny mug cooler shaped like a jersey with the team's logo.

For A Woman: Florida is known for some of the most gorgeous shells found in the surrounding oceans. The shells are turned into jewelry and collectibles that would please most women. If she's not the jewelry-wearing type, how about a shell that has her name on it? Artists do extraordinary things with laminating on shells now. Shells are cleaned and polished then stickers used to spell out a name or horoscope sign. Some shells are even carved upon for a very unique gift.

For Friends:
Jerseys and tees, dishes and mugs are popular with just about any souvenir hunter. Those who particularly love doing scrapbooks will enjoy menus, maps, theater or event ticket stubs and area guide books. Women friends will especially love gel candles containing shells, starfish, seahorses or imitation sand castles.

For Anyone:
Make a nice gift basket yourself and give it to a friend. Layer the basket with "Florida" coffee, oranges, an area newspaper and a few other treasures for Grandma and Grandpa. For a new baby basket layer the basket with souvenir "Florida" diapers, baby tee shirts and a "Florida" rattle. Collect starfish and shells to scatter around the basket with other souvenir choices.

For a teacher a bag of apples with a Florida logo or a collectible pen is a nice gift. Or bring back something from a famous historical site for your child's favorite history teacher. Bring back a paperweight or mouse pad for a fellow employee or boss. A church official or parishioner would probably love a cross on a chain - all made from tiny shells. Know someone who has a great sense of humor? Have a caricature done of them from a photo. Local artists are easy to find on the boardwalks and the cost is minimal. Some of their work is usually on display so you can get an idea of their talents. Some of the artists even do pet caricatures which can be framed to thrill any pet lover.
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